The Simple Technique To Reprogram Your Brain

By Tom Birchall | Business Tips

Nov 13

Ep026: Reprogram Your Brain Series Part 2 - The Simple Technique To Reprogram Your Brain.

Got limiting beliefs cropping up? Imposter syndrome? Or the “I’m not good enough” cycle?!

Join me in this three part series on the *Neuroscience of limiting Beliefs* and how to get out of your own way.


In Part 2 here I share a simple yet profoundly effective technique for getting out of your own way, literally turning your life around, and accomplishing your goals.

As a business owner your psychology and mindset has got to be on-point. If it is not… well, you are in your own way spinning your wheels. Believe me I’ve been there.

Join me in this episode where I talk one of my favourite topics… your mind and the neuroscience behind how you can live life on your terms.

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About the Author

Tom Birchall is the founder of Mavericks Business Academy (MBA). When he is not conversing with an entrepreneur about life and more profitable business awesomeness he will be talking about his kids, playing ice hockey, the drums, or geeking out about digital marketing. Oh, and then there's root beer floats! ;) Clients tell him he is "smart with a heart!" He believes a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away and telling someone you love them is amazing!