The KLT Factor and How To Increase Sales

By Tom Birchall | Sales

Oct 18

Years ago when I started out in sales I didn't meet with much success until I learned a number of things in the sales process to gain mastery. One of the keys to my success was learning the three step process to building trust.

The three step KLT Process to building trust comes from walking through the steps of know, like and trust. You can measure your connection to people through what I call the KLT Factor. 


It is pretty simple: When the KLT (Know, Like and Trust) factor is high... you are making sales. When it is low you are not. 

In this video I explain what the KLT Process is and how it works. 

Let me know in the comments below how long you have been in sales and if you use this process? 

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About the Author

Tom Birchall is the founder of Mavericks Business Academy (MBA). When he is not conversing with an entrepreneur about life and more profitable business awesomeness he will be talking about his kids, playing ice hockey, the drums, or geeking out about digital marketing. Oh, and then there's root beer floats! ;) Clients tell him he is "smart with a heart!" He believes a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away and telling someone you love them is amazing!