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Jan 07

How to Connect with People and Grow Your Business

By Tom Birchall | Sales

I learned how to connect with people as business meetings were going on in the living room. I was in the kitchen (told to be quiet for sure) listening to what was a very cool framework. It was this 4 step process for connecting with people. 

At the time, I was in Junior high school (middle school for my American friends) and was supposed to be doing homework... but I couldn't! I wanted to listen to what was going on in the living room. What was so curious to me was first how simple it was. And second, how brilliant it was. 

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Nov 04

People buy From People

By Tom Birchall | Business Tips , Sales

People Buy People Not Products

People buy from people is a concept to make sales simple. In this video I share the key piece to relationship selling which is that: people buy people not products. 

Years ago I was eating supper with a business mentor. They were the former General Manager of an IBM plant in Quebec, Canada. They were responsible for the employment of 5,000 people. As we ate I asked him this question: What is a lesson you learned early in your career that has helped you to this day?

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Oct 18

The KLT Factor and How To Increase Sales

By Tom Birchall | Sales

Years ago when I started out in sales I didn't meet with much success until I learned a number of things in the sales process to gain mastery. One of the keys to my success was learning the three step process to building trust.

The three step KLT Process to building trust comes from walking through the steps of know, like and trust. You can measure your connection to people through what I call the KLT Factor. 

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