About Tom Birchall

I was bullied as a kid and have had other struggles in life. From these not so fun experiences I've learned a ton and become strong.  My mission is to help others be successful; to skip the struggle and grow your business bigger, faster, stronger with the impact and influence you desire.

Business is an area I love and have dreamed about since a little kid. I've wanted to be a business coach since I knew what one was. I've prepared my whole life for what I do now. Lessons from my struggles and mistakes are the shortcuts to a successful life and business journey. 

My first business was in grade 2. At 7 years old I was hustling marbles at recess for $0.25 so kids without marbles could join in the games.

Lessons learned:

  • You can get paid to provide value with a solution that people want
  • Customer Service is important

My second business was in grade 3. A flyer delivery business. The toughest run ever was delivering heavy 1-inch Sears Catalogues in a November winter storm. It was brutal... like can't see the house while standing on the sidewalk brutal. 

It was cold, miserable and I wanted to quit every step of the way. I was 8 years old, but I didn't complain. Mom didn't stop... so nor did I. (Okay I'm sure I complained, I've raised two boys and I happen to know 8 year old boys complain. lol)

Lessons learned:

  • Follow through with your commitments
  • Tenacity gets the job done
  • Sometimes you need to put up with difficult circumstances

Four businesses as a kid and teen ager. The likes of: a snow removal business; A lawn mowing business. And, a used Textbook exchange business while in the systems engineering program at the University of Waterloo.

Four Network Marketing businesses in my teens and twenties: From no results in the first... just keeping it real; To #1 Representative in the country in the last.

Now four and counting corporations as an adult. In addition: I've sat on the board of both non-profit and for-profit businesses; was the Director for a national high-tech company. I've been in the online digital marketing space since 1991: Keynote speaker to University of Calgary MBA Program for online business. I've worked on digital projects big and small with budgets form $2,000.00 to $400,000.00.

"Tom Birchall is an author, speaker, coach, consultant, and serial entrepreneur. His most recent business generated sales revenues of $25 million helping thousands of people across North America."
"As a former Director of a national high-tech firm and founder of several successful businesses he knows how to create systems, revenue, and results. One of his companies he put triple 6-figure year-over-year growth on the books all from a hospital bed or recovering at home!" 

I'm a Survivor:

The surgeon said, "it was a long and complicated surgery, and you are lucky to be alive."

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in my early 20’s and struggled with it for decades. In 2006 I almost lost my life, but an emergency surgery saved me. Two major and four minor surgeries, 3 feet intestinal tract removed, a colostomy bag for 32 months, and 4 years total of recovery are what it took to get healthy. Not to mention a whole lot of patience and tenacity.

I have a clean bill of health from the doctors and am eager to serve and support entrepreneurs and the business community particularly in helping businesses navigate digital marketing and online business.

I'm a survivor and know what struggle is like to build a business. I want to help other's avoid being stuck or getting in their own way. Multiple near-death experiences and calamities in 3 major life areas of: health, relationship and finances help me relate to people in various stages of life. These have created hugely valuable business and life experiences to draw from.

If I can save people the struggle, I want to share the shortcuts, blueprints, and business life hacks that will move them forward. I can help you turn your struggle into starlight.

People tell me I'm smart with a heart and I'm great at breaking complex things down into simple step by step processes. Audiences enjoy my entertaining way of story telling and sharing of practical and relatable insights.

I have been creating and documenting time saving short-cuts, secret blueprints and small business systems for the past number of years. ​

I have walked the path from struggle to starlight multiple times and I take a heart-centred meaningful approach to inspiring and encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to create success and significance in their lives.

Fun Facts:

  • If I'm not conversing with an entrepreneur about life and business awesomeness I will be talking about my kids.
  • If not talking about my kids, you will find me geeking out about digital marketing or business systems.
  • Clients tell me I'm smart with a heart.
  • I've spent 3 decades preparing for my current business. 
  • Smoothies are awesome!
  • Root beer floats! Well, yeah, root beer floats are just awesome!
  • I can't pick which brings more joy... playing ice hockey, or playing drums and big band jazz?!...  then again - root beer floats! 🙂

What is up with the NYC Cap?:

I get asked a lot about the Yankees cap. It's about the city of New York. I love the energy of the city. I believe it captures the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit: pro-active, on-point, does not give up, makes a difference in people's lives. It is what being an entrepreneurial Maverick is all about.

I love, love New York City. So, Boston fans, don't hold it against me lol! It is way less about baseball... and all about my appreciation of the city and it being a demonstration of the entrepreneurial spirit of being Maverick.

Some Business Basics:

Let's get started! I'll share some business basics right here in this about section because I'm obsessed with giving value and helping you learn how to master business. I hold the space for you to learn the step by step tools, systems, and processes you need to be successful. 

I believe there are 3 key areas of business: 

  • People
  • Profits
  • Systems

(And yes those are in order with People before Profits. And once profitable systems are in place, it creates your lifestyle of freedom and independence!) 

Want to start building systems?! These are the 4 areas to track and start the process of systematic leveraging. I share them here and now so you can start creating your independence:

  • Time
  • Money
  • People and
  • Information

I have created and pulled together the tools, systems, and processes for successful business. It is a curriculum based business education program drawn from 30 years of life and successful business experience. 

The combination of these is a truly unique small business offering in the market place. Mavericks Business Academy (MBA) brings this all together. It is like a small business MBA.