5 Success Mind Hacks of the Kindness Code

By Tom Birchall | Podcast

Aug 18


Episode Highlights: 

Let’s be real. Being successful and profitable in business is not all about transactions and profits. It is so much about the human element: the qualitative side.

Tom Birchall shares 5 success mind hacks that create what he calls the Kindness Code. This episode is Chaulk full of useful nuggets and a code for being authentic and real in your business and life.

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Is kindness a key factor for you in your business? Or, are you all about the transaction? Have you tried mixing heart and kindness in your business? Tell us how!

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About the Author

Tom Birchall is the founder of Mavericks Business Academy (MBA). When he is not conversing with an entrepreneur about life and more profitable business awesomeness he will be talking about his kids, playing ice hockey, the drums, or geeking out about digital marketing. Oh, and then there's root beer floats! ;) Clients tell him he is "smart with a heart!" He believes a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away and telling someone you love them is amazing!