030: Leadership Series: How To Be A Leader In Your Business And Not Be A Jerk

By Tom Birchall | Podcast

Dec 29


Show Notes: 

A 7 figure business owner shared recently that: Being a leader in their business is the hardest thing they have ever done. I agree!

Here is why? When you are a leader your character shows. And as you are more successful it shows more! When your character shows… let’s pray it is good character and not ugly character.

Leadership is not ego based or a power trip. It is not about people doing whatever you tell them to do. That is being a jerk.

Leadership and running a profitable business is not about chasing money. It is being in service to your team. It is clearing the obstacles out of the way for your team members. This may be a different way to look at things.

Tom shares and expands on the final 6 leadership qualities from Napoleon Hill’s famous book “Think And Grow Rich”.

Here is the point: Stop chasing money. Step up and start being a quality leader.

To get the first 5 on the list of 11 leadership qualities, listen to Part 1 (Episode 029) of this two part series.

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Tom Birchall is the founder of Mavericks Business Academy (MBA). When he is not conversing with an entrepreneur about life and more profitable business awesomeness he will be talking about his kids, playing ice hockey, the drums, or geeking out about digital marketing. Oh, and then there's root beer floats! ;) Clients tell him he is "smart with a heart!" He believes a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away and telling someone you love them is amazing!