007 Roadblocks To Profitable Numbers – Numbers Series 2of3

By Tom Birchall | Podcast

Jul 20


Episode Highlights:

What is really behind the numbers in your business? Limiting beliefs can really mess with your numbers. Tom provides a 4 part framework for dealing with what is behind your numbers. Your resulting profitability is how well you navigate these roadblocks.

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Episode Transcript:

There’s little thieves in your business. And they are breaking it!

We are going to be talking about more on numbers. This is part two of a three part series. There's little thieves in your business, and they are breaking it. You're possibly broke, struggling, spinning your wheels. Or you're plateaued. You're at a certain level that you've reached in your revenues, in your business and your growth, and your wheels are spinning you can't seem to get past it. I'm gonna say it's probably in the numbers. And we're doing this three part series of diving deeper into the numbers to find out what's going on with them. There's always these two dimensions that are going on. If you’ve been watching me for a while you’ve heard me say these two terms: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative, which is what is the quality of what's going on. And the quantitative side, which is the more technical things. You can compare them even to the feminine and the masculine. You can compare them to the left and right hemispheres in our brains. Were the left and logical right, that's the heuristic of two L’s. Left side logical and numbers side. And then the right hemisphere is the creativity emotion, feeling. Thoughts on the left, emotions on the right.

There's these two hemispheres we have in our brains, like, literally. And yet, it's all in one. It's, it's one. It's one thing. When you're one being, you're one person. And when we dig into the numbers, we start to realize some of our human’ness. Our being’ness comes out and it starts tripping us up. That's what's stealing. Those are the little robbers that are stealing away your growth. Your speed. Your momentum. Your focus. I want to talk about some of these things today. And it's in this big long multisyllabic word called dichotomies.

I find that dichotomies end up tripping us up. It's this contrast of quantitative and qualitative right this is two things. It's like the yin and the yang right there's two dimensions that are in one. And it's navigating these things that help us move forward faster. Numbers are something that we talked about, part one, that was addressing and dealing with big picture why. And as I've been talking to entrepreneurs I've seen this roadblock come up. This resistance and a roadblock to numbers. And that people don't want structure, or a system, or numbers. They all kind of represent the same thing. I want to talk through some things that begin to trip us up with that and it’s this element of dichotomies. Simple ones are like, on and off. We have light switches. Every one of us are familiar with a light switch in the house right electricity comes in. Our lights go on when we flick the switch up, and then it goes off when we flick it down. It’s this on/off piece.

Another simple one is in/out. We go in the door. We go out the door. And tougher ones are getting into more kind of the ethics and morality of things. Of right and wrong. Of good and bad. Here's a deeper one that’s personal: worthy, not worthy.

It's not always one or the other. In engineering school when I was going to the University of Waterloo. We had an entire course on digital logic. These dichotomies had a different term in engineering terms it was called a discrete action or a discrete system. Our light switches are discrete. It's on or off. In digital terms the things that make computers work, the zeros and the ones right that's the two states. Like what state are you in? In engineering terms, things are very defined. But in life with us human beings they're not as defined. There's more grey zone. It's almost like a dimmer switch.

In the living room or maybe in the dining room to make the lights dim and create an ambience. We'll have a dimmer switch. It might be a rotating one. I've seen those. I've seen like a switch is just a slider. Or maybe it's a slider sideways. There's a rocker switch to turn it on or off. And then you can dim it. Ooooo! We are getting to the greys zone.

Our mindset becomes that space. The 6 inch space between your two ears is that key piece of what leads us and navigates us through the dichotomies. And I don't want this to steal your business. The resistance and the roadblocks I've seen with people, as I talk to them. When it comes to numbers and putting systems in place it's kind of a whole discussion. And numbers end up being that key piece. Some people are resistant to math, we talked about that part one a little bit. Just resistance to the concept of numbers because it’s defining things. It's uncomfortable and all this stuff starts coming up that has nothing to do with numbers.
It’s what’s between your ears, I'm pointing it dichotomies as one word, that'll kind of represent a whole bunch of stuff here as we're looking at this. And digging down deeper into it, of whether you are feeling worthy or not worthy? Whether you're feeling confident or not confident? So those are the two states right kind of in engineering terms you have these on or off the light switch.

And then there's the dimmer. So, with confidence if the subject is confidence. The two discrete very defined states are either yes fully confident or no. Like it's either there or it's not there. It’s present, or it's absent. And we hit the dimmer switch, because your confidence level may be sitting at an eight today or maybe it's two today, right, like, there's a range. Versus just a one or zero. In computer terms it’s zeros and ones. Life's not like that. It's got more range in it.

And so what I'm wanting to challenge you with. Encourage you with. Inspire you with. Is to get working in that range. Identify what's holding you up with the numbers? Because that is blocks of things in your mind, that are holding you up in your business and it's a roadblock in your business. And it starts tying back. When I sit down I talk with entrepreneurs, even myself. When I go and look in the mirror deeply I find that it's tied to these qualitative things. These niggly things going on either in my mind, or in my heart. Head and heart. These two elements of our beingness that trip us up in our business.

The second part of the series I want to dedicate to this element of digging into this. There’s a common phase out there that labels this as well called “limiting beliefs”. What are those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward in an area of your business? What’s tripping you up?

It's gumming up to works in your customer service. Maybe it's a delivery thing. Maybe it's a sales process right. Numbers are down in sales, because of the six inches between you two years… behind your glasses.

It’s tripping you up when it comes to sales. It’s limiting beliefs. Maybe it’s a worthiness thing? Maybe it’s a confidence thing. These are these qualitative elements that get combined with the quantitative elements. The numbers of what your sales numbers are. How many calls did you make this week? Or today? Or this morning? Or 10 minutes ago? Is it a sales process thing? Because that’s a revenue part. Is it maybe an operations thing? Maybe in your operations in your business, you need to track some numbers there. There’s hiccups going on.

Maybe there’s someone that you need to fire. Here’s where this combination of these two elements. Our left brain and our right brain. The logic and the emotion. Our head, and our heart are getting mixed together. And you need to navigate that range of things with firing someone. Maybe they are gumming up to works with your operations and your manufacturing process. Or your delivery on the service. Maybe you’re more of a service oriented company and you don’t have a formal operations group but there’s people in the delivery of your service side (that is basically your operations), and there’s just a personality in there that’s really wrecking havoc with the team. And you aren’t making the tough call there. Because when you look at the numbers, they’re all down and you don’t want to deal with looking at those numbers because there’s this personality issue you need to deal with.

It’s this quality element that ends up being a leadership discussion. Or a confidence on your part as the business owner to go and address the issue. Maybe that’s all that’s needed is just to address it. A critical conversation to get people on track with that particular person or personality on track.

Instead of distracting and causing confusion or dissension or a lack of confidence in others. Maybe they’re putting people down? Like there’s this qualitative element of some dynamic personal dynamics that are going on that needs to be addressed. Maybe it just needs to be addressed. Maybe the person cold hard straight up just needs to be fired. It’s pulling the team down, and it’s stealing from, robbing from, road blocking your business.

It needs to be dealt with. You just need to step up and have that critical conversation or a “prickly pear” conversation as I call it. These are some of the dimensions. Start to look at what is behind the numbers? Look at what your own resistance and roadblocks are internally with you, internal, and then also externally in your business. Start to internalize this stuff. Look at it. Address it. Ask for feedback. Make a plan, implement it. Start to measure the results.

How are we doing now? We’ve gone through this whole process right I blasted through that real quick. Rewind and listen back to it? It’s valuable to address things in your business if you want to get up to that higher level to be performing as a full-on business and not, as I talk about often, as an amateur. Or being as a practitioner? You gotta step up above that. Go from amateur to pro. Go from practitioner to professional. And really start cooking with gas with your business.

There are these elements that begin to have an impact on our business. And when you start tracking the numbers. It’s an exercise, it’s tangible. It’s practical, and it’s simple. And when you start embracing and looking at the numbers, you’re able to get behind them and start to see all these dimensions that are going on in your business and how you can start to put things in place to really start to improve. To accelerate. To get growth happening. To get it happening faster. To get momentum happening, and good things occurring in your business and bottom line. Meeting the goals and dreams of why you started it in the first place.

Embrace numbers. That’s what I want to encourage, challenge, inspire, and excite you about. If there’s resistance and roadblocks don’t point at the number. Look at what’s behind it. Showing up for you personally, in your beingness, whom you are, and get your quadratic equation setup. It is going on with four things PIES. P plus I plus E plus S.

If you haven’t heard me talk about pies. Rise, Pies, and KPIs! The three pillars of business from former episodes that talk through that. I’ll summarize what I’m talking about now so you’re not in the dark. I’m not going to leave you hanging. PIES: physical, intellectual emotional, and spiritual realm. The two twins. And the two realms. The two twins: are our head and heart. Our intellect and our emotion, the heart. The two realms: are the physical realm, and the spiritual realm.

This is that quadrinity if you will or your quadratic equation: P plus I plus E plus S. These are those four dimensions of your beingness that need to be addressed. When you’re addressing these alongside the numbers, numbers will start to really light up!

The roadblocks of the things in your business that are getting the works all gummed up and not moving forward faster will start to clear. The valleys will rise up. The mountains will flatten down. And the smooth road will start to head out and be more comfortable. You’ll get in, here’s the word I loooove: Flow. You’ll get in flow. Things will be in flow. Flow is when synergy starts happening, and your intuitive sense starts kicking in. That quality of dimension of your beingness. It’s just not all hard work and grinding and hustling. They’re all good words too because we need to roll up our sleeves and do hard work, and we need to be wise about it and do smart work. When you’ve got the effort happening, and the wisdom happening: those two dimensions coming together Flow starts to happen. And a synergy takes place. And it’s like wow! Like one plus one equals more than two. It’s like three.

Two plus two is more than four. I mean, I’m getting a seven out of this. Wow! The flow that started happening. I thought of this idea and that I needed these two key types of skill sets… and then I met someone at a networking event… and they had that skill set… and they know someone else that does. Or I met two people there that have the two skill sets.

You know what I mean, these really cool serendipitous, quote-unquote “coincidental” things start happening. They’re not coincidental. They’re more than serendipitous. You’ve got the effort coming alongside wisdom, and flow starts happening! That’s an awesome place to be!

I’m going to wrap this up. We’ve been talking about Part 2 in our series here of numbers. And the first episode, sorry the first part of the series was dealing with that big picture “why”.

Part Two here today has been digging deeper into: What are the roadblocks to the numbers? Internal to you. External to you. And the dichotomies that begin to happen. That it’s not always a simple case of being an on off switch. There’s that dimmer switch that creates a range of things happening. A range of emotion. A range of circumstances. A range, a dimmer switch. Whether it’s a slider or a rotating thing to dim those lights. Be it confidence or whatever the element might be. Begin to look at that and navigate through it and start to provide leadership to yourself, get up straight and then provide leadership to yourself first and then start to deliver that and then demonstrate that to others and lead others.

And Part 3 next week is going to be addressing the hardcore numbers stuff. We’re gonna look at some key numbers. Key metrics and how to create your own. So there is a basis. The baseline to cover with key performance indicators is what they’re called KPIs. And then there’s custom ones that are unique to you and your business. What works for you? And key metrics, key elements, key numbers that have a whole bunch of meaning stacked back behind it. Of what it means and represents.

When you’re able to identify what those things are, and get moving forward with them. And putting systems in place to surround them. So that they either go up, because up is a good thing. Or maybe you want numbers to go down because down is a good thing. [Operational] returns in your business… you want that to be low. Or down.

So sometimes good is up and sometimes good is down, whatever that is for you to identify what those are and have fun with that!

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