005 Success or Struggle? And Going BEYOND!

By Tom Birchall | Podcast

Jul 07


Episode Highlights:

7:20 I discuss "going beyond". For example, what lies beyond happiness?

8:42 What lies beyond a positive mindset

10:28 Wrapping up this episode. 

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Episode Transcript:

Do you find yourself facing challenges in life? We all do right now at this time, not that they weren't there before. But we had a busy'ness of life pushing us forward. We're talking about success or struggle. Which one is it going to be? You decide?

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What's really curious about this current pandemic and circumstances that we find ourselves all in, both in life and in business is hitting the pause button, the slowing down, life has gotten a lot more simple. And I think that's a good thing. If we're looking for silver linings and things to be positive about or to pick that are items of gratitude, have a teaching and training I do on gratitude and it's the little things and if there's something I can share with you, there's a few things I do but this one thing is to take solace take joy, take gratitude on little things. Start to recognize them because in the midst of stress and strain and struggle and frustration, I've heard stat that domestic disputes are through the roof. We're spending time with people in our lives that may or may not be a good thing.

And that close proximity is creating some strife, argument, disruption, discomfort and all these qualitative things that add to our experience in life. I wrote a paper years ago and looked at the qualitative and the quantitative elements of every situation. There's always those two things there. The hard and the soft, the things that touch our heart, which is the soft things and create the quality of the experience. And then things that are more hard kind of the the logical and rational and things in our head, our intellect and those quantitative elements that create the experience. And so those are two dimensions, two angles to be looking at things and as entrepreneurs and business owners we are in a situation where we need to buck up, pull up, push bootstraps, get creative and get resourceful.

Trying to force things forward doesn't always work. When we get in flow and just just relax, just chill and get into a flow and let our resourcefulness rise up right? When the times get tough, the tough get more resourceful than the next guy. That's a key piece there. That's a writer downer. Get more resourceful, be more resourceful than you were before or than your competitors are.

Particularly if you need to pivot, right? If you need to pivot look for a different problem in the marketplace than you've been solving before. That's the resiliency of an entrepreneur, right? See, and identify a problem in the marketplace that you have a solution for and then meet it, exchange some dollars for that. Now you've got a business it's that simple. You don't need to get complicated and highfalutin, which I can tend to get and if you're with me there are your recovering perfectionist?

Do you intellectualize things too much? I can have a tendency to do that. I've got nine years of post secondary and I can tend to overthink things and overanalyze. But the good news is I've got the awareness and I'm encouraging you to do this as well gained some awareness that you can do that you can get a little too heady that you can start to analyze things too much and get paralyzed and stuck. I don't want you to get stuck. So we're talking about struggle or success, the choice is yours. What are you going to choose? What are you going to choose between these two? I've got a couple of keys that will help you. When we are in a stuck spot and struggling or suffering. All these "s" words stuck, struggle, suffer, we can have a tendency to get engrossed, consumed by fear, worry and doubt.

And those are the head game right. The head game needs to rise up above that and get into a bright future: something to look forward to.

And if it's as simple as just saying, I'm going to go for a walk today, if that's the thing that you've set out as the goal in the future, some future-state that you're looking forward to awesome. The simple things, like I was saying before is pick simple things. Because if they're more complex things you don't have control of them. They end up being dependent on other people or circumstances which what defines that that's a victim right? You don't want to be a victim you want to be a be a victor. The stroke of the pen. I mean, those two words are almost exactly the same Victim or Victor, except for the last couple letters at the end.

Be a Victor. A Victor is not controlled by influenced by the circumstances surrounding them. And as an entrepreneur resiliency is based on this, I'm going okay. In these dire circumstances around me what can I rise up on? Move forward with? What little things can I setup for myself? These are little setups for success.

And you choose that right? You choose what that is. Setups for success are: I'm going to go for a walk today. At four o'clock today, I'm going to go for a walk. Maybe it's you're going to cook a meal that you really enjoy. Maybe maybe you can't even cook that meal because you don't have the food at home to do it. You're missing an ingredient or two, okay, well go to the store and buy that. Or if you can't get to the store, just change what you're gonna make.

I really want x, but you know what, I'm going to choose y. Let's have... fill-in-the-blank... this instead for supper tonight. Or, maybe it's a little snack or maybe it's lunch seems like it's a food based thing. Maybe it's a walk, maybe you're going to do a workout. Maybe you're gonna sit down and have a nap. See these little things that you have complete control of set them as things in the future that you can look forward to.

Bigger stuff. Set up to get together with a friend. Set up a vacation you want to go on out into the future when all this is over.

You haven't been to... fill-in-the-blank... and plan a trip, start doing research for it. The best way to move forward is to set goals and things that you can look forward to. And I want to talk about a couple of other things here. These contrasting words, they're all great: joy, happiness, gratitude, positive mindset. These are all good things, right? However, let's go beyond. People talk about happiness a lot. And I'm going to suggest that that's cutting yourself short and getting into victim mode. Say what?

Because happiness is a good thing. Sure. But when you start breaking it down and looking at it, happiness ends up being often circumstantially oriented. It's external. And rather, I want to encourage you to go beyond happiness to something more internal, that you have complete control. And that is Joy!

Joy is a deeper construct a deeper character trait a deeper thing, than I'm going to phrase it this way, mere happiness, right? So I'm encouraging you to go beyond happiness to: Joy.

Joy is a deeper thing that's internal. In my opinion. I find that happiness is more external. And it's when a certain thing happens then you're happy, right? It's usually circumstantially based that happiness occurs. And so and it's at its root that's tied to being a victim, because when you're controlled by your circumstances, that that defines victimhood and you want to be a victor. Let's rise above being a victim and get up to being a victor. This making sense? And happiness is that external element that when certain things happen, we're happy!

If you've got kid you see them do something, that brings you happiness. But it can also bring a deeper thing of joy internally. See the difference there? Start gaining joy from things. Focus on Joy. Joy is that longer term, more sustainable things you can control. I'm going to gain joy from this. It's a decision you make, well, you just got empowered, right? I don't have to wait for circumstances to happen for me to gain happiness. I can just choose to be joyful.

Here's another one. This this difference between positive mindset which is awesome and great, but I want to go beyond that. I want to get to: gratitude. A positive mindset is something that is similar to the joy/happiness thing where it's external. My positive mindset, well, I will decide to do that. Okay, good, but a deeper rooted thing. A more longer term element is having the character trait of gratitude, of seeing things that you're grateful for, then they can be big lofty things, like family and love. People are grateful for God and these bigger concepts.

I’m also wanting to encourage you to look at the smaller things, be grateful for little things in life, for that walk, like we talked about earlier for that snack that you're going to have for a quick call with a friend. These smaller, simpler things can create, and I'm encouraging you to reprogram your mind to think in this light of letting these smaller things create the joy and the gratitude in you. And that joy and gratitude are beyond these other good things. They're better, there's more to joy than just mere happiness. There's more to the gratitude piece, then merely positive mindset. Positive mindset is great and good. So is happiness. But I'm saying go beyond. I like going beyond. Go deeper and get that longer term piece in place. That'll give you the longevity to get through the struggle.

This is where I'm saying you've got the choice to either step into choose success or choose struggle, which one you want? These are some nuggets and some keys that I find that have helped me along the way. Over the years of doing business and life.

I’m gonna wrap this up here. We talk about the tools, systems and processes that you need to be successful in life and business. We're going to get into some nuts and bolts in future episodes here coming up, got a series planned around spreadsheets and numbers and getting things figured out because as we're hunkering down and retooling things, getting a plan in place for how to get there and to measure and track it becomes really useful. Instead of doing business willy nilly. We're gonna lock it down and get grounded with some good solid numbers stuff to help you move forward and build your business, get revenue happening and all the good things that make businesses sing. I'm signing off, we'll catch up with you soon.

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