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By Tom Birchall | Podcast

Jun 30


Episode Highlights:

1:08 6 months after I launched my ride or die business my go-to guy, my safety-net died. 

1:50 "The economy had tanked. People were losing their jobs left and right."

2:49 Business Made Easy

3:40 Get clear. Make a plan. Get results. 

4:10 Built an 8 figure business in 5 years.

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Episode Transcript:

Six months after I started my full-time ride or die business to entrepreneurial freedom… my go-to guy for business died.

My safety net was gone. My “Hey Dad I’m stuck what do I do?” was no longer a phone call or plane ride away. He lived on Vancouver Island. I was in Calgary. We would write letters, talk on the phone and visit when we could. He died of cancer. Throat and liver. He was a brilliant man and I loved him dearly. But he drank too much and smoked too much. To this day I do neither. It is just healthier.

I was devastated and felt so alone: personally and professionally.

I was married, had a 2 year old, and a second on the way. It was such a stressful time of life. The economy had tanked. People were losing their jobs left and right. Sound familiar to these Covid days. I’ve been there and done that. If I WANTED to find a job, the reality was.. there were no jobs to be found. The good news was… I didn’t want another job frankly. I was at the point of being psychologically-unemployable. Having been through two lay-offs due to economic collapse just a few years apart. Starting and running my own Full-time business was the dream… and now was the time to step up and do it.

Are you in that place right now? Are you running a business and feel alone and like you have no go-to guy for when you are stuck? Do you have inner or outer critics? Do you wish you had a guide? Someone to show the way? I wished I did. But I didn’t. Dad was gone. Do you have a business inside of you waiting to be birthed? If so this podcast is for you.

The Profitable Maverick. It’s all about: Business made easy.

For me, no more side-hustle. No more practice. No more “if it does not work I’ve got the job to fall back on”. The bridges and the boats were all burned and tag, I was it.

Now was the time for me to step up. Now was the time to rise up to my biggest and best potential. Now was the time to prove the pundits and critics in my own head and in my world wrong. It was time to make it happen.

And I did. I created: amazing. I did the smart thing. To ensure a successful journey I hired a guide, a coach, a mentor. I enrolled in a program to guide me through the shark infested waters of the entrepreneurial journey. I had spunk. But was so naive. The strange thing for a guy is I was willing to admit that and ask for help.

I mapped things out. This helped me get clear and make a plan and then get results. Get clear, make a plan, get results. Get clear, make a plan, get results. The key step is to take action, jump in, create experiences.

And I did. In 12 months I hit 6 figures we got to $102,000 dollars in sales. Each year we did more and more business. Doubling and tripling our year over year revenues. I built an 8 figure business playing a silly little board game. A story for another episode. In short, I facilitated cash flow games and ran money workshops. I started in my home and grew to renting out community halls to handle all the people.

They say a business can be happy with 15% annual growth from one year to the next. At that rate you will double in 5 years. Which is cool. And less than 15% is still respectable. But single digit growth is a tough gig and you may as well get a job if that is where you are at. Being predictably profitable is a way better place.

To give you context with some research by Jossey and Bass
15 percent to 25 percent they are calling Rapid growth. 25 percent to 50 percent annually is Very rapid growth. 50 percent to 100 percent is Hyper growth. Greater than 100 percent annually is Light-speed growth.

You have heard the term “Fastest Growing Companies” those are in the 30 to 40% range.

I was greater than 100% so I was at light speed. I grew by 200 and 300% annually year after year. By Year 5 I hit 8 figures which is $10s of millions of dollars in sale revenues. Top line.

What this podcast is all about is chronicling that journey to share with you the ups and downs of my experience growing and scaling a fastest growing company.

I’ve been documenting the tools, systems, and processes you need to be successful in business. And I believe in being practical. So on this weekly show we will have quick episodes with actionable step-by-step strategies. We will have solo shows from me, and I also like to do series-based episodes so we can go more in-depth. I’ve found digging deeper is the path to predictable sustained success and that is why I’m a nuanced guy. I’m curious like few are and like to get to the bottom line and having fun while we do it.

In addition, I’ve got guest experts lined up for interviews to gain the wisdom from the latest and greatest thought leaders on business and life. Again being practical, I like to interview others so you don’t have to.

Next, I’ll do case studies for different areas of business. From online business strategies to digital marketing, to systems building, to financials.

I love the digital marketing space. When I was in the corporate world I specialized in online and digital business. Even had the local University of Calgary seek me out as an industry expert to give a Keynote address to their entire MBA program. I found myself on stage sharing what was plain as day to me and my every day world… and I want to share that stuff with you as well. I’ve got the perfect brain for the digital space. Psychology and Engineering. The left and right halves of my brain are tuned and ready to go all the time.

For those that want the formal stuff I ended up with 9 years of post-secondary education. Which was good for a guy that didn’t value academics at first. I was a drummer playing in jazz and rock n’ roll bands in high-school.

When all is said and done I have an Advanced Honours Psychology degree with designations in System Engineering, Operations Management, Business Management, Adult curriculum development and Religious studies.

Ecommerce is a booming area and I’m excited about this one. My younger son Andrew is 21 and he has been knocking it out of the park the past few months with an Amazon play. He has agreed to come into the studio and share his learnings and knowledge with you. He has taken to heart my mantra: get clear, make a plan, then create an experience and get results.

Look I’m going to wrap this up.

I’m here to be your go-to guy. Learn here, connect with me as a human. Don’t be shy I’m on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. (And yes they all need to be better, don’t judge!).

I’ve made a super simple URL to connect by and called it ReachTom.com. All my social links are there. TomBirchall.com is my main website that everything hangs off of and this podcast is there as well at TheProfitableMaverick.com

That’s a wrap. I want to encourage you to… live more, love more and be more profitable.

Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed the show please rate and recommend. Highly of course! On iTunes. On Overcast or wherever it is you subscribe to your podcasts. You can get more great information on this episode, it’s shownotes, and our other episodes and shows, at TheProfitableMaverick.com. That’s The Profitable Maverick.com. Until next time, get out there, live more, love more, and be a more profitable Maverick!


About the Author

Tom Birchall is the founder of Mavericks Business Academy (MBA). When he is not conversing with an entrepreneur about life and more profitable business awesomeness he will be talking about his kids, playing ice hockey, the drums, or geeking out about digital marketing. Oh, and then there's root beer floats! ;) Clients tell him he is "smart with a heart!" He believes a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away and telling someone you love them is amazing!